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For the paper on the

For the paper on the unconscious I will be looking the ways in which the unconscious influences the consciousness and vice versa. I will be examining dreams, free writing, and art. Hopefully I'll be examining the line between consciousness and unconsciousness and how we tell the difference. With dreams for example, the state in between sleeping and being fully awake is very intriguing but also confusing. Our brain has trouble identifying which information or experiences actually happened or are real and what was devised by our unconscious. I am also stuyding this in art or sketching/ doodling. What makes us draw similar things over and over? Is it the unconscious or are we consciously deciding to? I think that part of it has to do with muscle memory which I'm pretty sure is part of the unconscious because we are not aware of exactly how to do it but we know how. I don't know if I can define a definite relationship between the unconscious and consciousness but instead will probably present instances in which it is difficult to name it as one or the other. I think the two highly influence each other and are therefore very difficult to define. But I think that definitions can sometimes try too hard to make black and white out of something that is gray.

And on a side note I loved this reading. I think language aquisition is amazing and really interesting. 


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