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I absolutely agree with you

I absolutely agree with you that educational games or material could be very beneficial to students. I wouldn’t really call that a game though I think that’s just a learning method. But as a “gamer” playing things with war, witchcraft and guns and violence are not really beneficial. I don’t think that the game free rice proves McGonigals point that playing games does stop world hunger because there is still world hunger and poverty in many countries. Also, I thought after I played free rice how do I know for sure that rice is really being donated? Just like those commercials on t.v. with children looking sad, dirty, and hungry and they say call and donate 25 cents to feed the child. I think it’s a good website if legit but I don’t really understand why me getting vocabulary words right helps feeds people for free, why can’t the people on the website just be good people and give them food/rice for free anyway


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