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The games has already

The games has already flourished into our lives. Many teens and young kinds are more likely to do what they see other than have a one tracked mind and be a leader. Taking away negative games and leaving nothing but posistive games is a VERY smart thing to do but the young ones wouldt think so. You said "I suggest that the changes that games brought to our life did not function that severe nor far-reaching" but,take a look at the world today...whats around us? Kliing,poverty,defient teens,drugs,guns, etc... Take a look at a very popular game,whats in it? killing,poverty,defientness.drugs,guns, etc...Sure f you take a popular game off the market such as a killing game the child will be upset for a bit but, then whats next? The act of trying it in REAL life. Maybe their mind may wonder. You never know the history of a child,or even adult...what if whats going on in the game took place and happened to them in real life? What if a family member died the exact same way someone did in the game? Then what... What if the player has a flash back not knowing that was a part of the game... What if he player has a disorder and actually do what they see,not able to fully controll themselves. What is, just what if? I understand where your coming from, with the statement you made. Saying "the balance between flourishing the popular games under the capitalistic nature and establishing appropriate education for independent thinking individual should be the focus" but also i most certianly will say its not 100% the childs fault because its parent out there who allows the child to p;ay the game, knowing that game should not even be allowed in the house hold. Many parent Fail to realise the effect games have on children,just like a positive game thats supposed to work on your ABC'S, or counting,or even your vocabulary...a nagative game does the SAME exact thing..It does the opposite of the positive games and create eruption. Nothing will ever bring these games off the market just because of the playing rate. Just because of the stocks of how many people buy. Just because the simple fact of money. thats what makes the world go round right? Money, Power, and Respect...MONEY from the kids buying the games. POWER from the ability to sell the games. and RESPECT from the money and the power of doing all three! So,now that we are in the 21st century,and we all getting older not younger,what do you think the ratio of games to voilence would be by the year of 2020?


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