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Depending on the game I do

Depending on the game I do think it can change the world. Like the games they have on the internet for children that teaches them ABC'S and 1,2,3's. Now days the computer is the only way to hold alot of childrens attention. And it makes it some what easier to learn that way. Not saying you should not read to your child but you can carry the internet with you where ever you go and you may not always have the time to sit down and do different things with your child. I know this because I have a 4 year old and I try to read to her a hour out of each day but it does not always happen that way because i may have homework to do or she just may not want to sit there and listen to mommy. Thats where games come in. I know for a fact that the games will keep her attention, and its stuff thats going to help her learn.. But all games are not cool for children to play.


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