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I can totally get why you

I can totally get why you consider gamming as something to do with your spare time. Gamming can be used as a distraction from everyday life responsibilities and as also a coping strategy with boredom. But I kind of disagree that games cannot help change the world. I think we have the ability to create games that can have great impacts in the world.

Many have made the point that games, especially violent games, lead young kids and teenagers to mimic violent behaviors and although this is not completely false I have seen gaming that do the absolute opposite. I have seen young boys and teenagers use gamming as avoidance of the "street life". Instead of being out on the street and engaging in not so legal activities I know of boys who decide to stay in their home instead and choose video games as their hobbies. I also think that gamming has the ability to strengthen critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills.

Gaming can do much good if we as people utilize them correctly. We can only get out of them what we put into them.

One of my favorite app games is unblock me, which is sort of like a critical thinking puzzle game and it’s really fun to play! Can you think of any other games that can potentially increase critical thinking or problem solving skills?


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