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I think Jeopardy is a very beneficial game, and I'm sure many people played some form of it growing up in school. It was definitely a favorite of all my science teachers to get us ready for tests in a fun and social way. By splitting us up in to teams and showing off our combined knowledge, we would prepare for tests while bonding with our classmates. At home, my family watches Jeopardy every weeknight, and while my sister and I hated it when we were younger and didn't understand the questions, I now absolutely love beating my mom to an answer (she's a journalist who should really tryout for the show, and I probably get my competitiveness from her...). I wouldn't say I really retain any new knowledge from the show though, because the questions often go too fast for me to absorb new information, but it's a good way to reinforce exsisting knowledge and gain confidence. 


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