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I honestly believe playing a

I honestly believe playing a video game will not help change the world. I say that because when playing a video game you are not active. You're active with your eyes and fingers, but not with your full body. Playing a video game is not a form of changing the world. I know that's Jane McGonigal states in her video "Gaming make a better world". It's claimed that if people play videos games for 21 billion hours a week, that it will stop the cause of hunger, and obesity just to name a few. But my whole thing is this, how can you stop hunger if the people are on the game all day and night their going to be very much so hungry after a hard work in video playing. As for obesity, how can you lower that? If anything their going to be eating more because of the long hours of playing the game. So as for changing the world I don't think so what so ever. I feel this way because there are so much more things and activities that a person can be doing besides playing a video game. You can go for a walk, do homework, play basketball, flag-football, anything. I just think some video games are a waste of time. What I'm still curious about is what gives someone the idea of thinking a video game is going to change the world? If anything it makes people unsociable.


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