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I think that playing games can not help change the world because what does sitting in front of a computer or television screen have to do with real life issues such as war, violence, and racism? I watched a video with a woman named Jane McGonigal and she mentioned how in a game, when a person fail it's easier for them to try again on the game opposed to someone failing in reality. I disagreed with her because not all people give up in the real world when they fail and when people fail on a game, they often quit (well I do anyway). I do not like playing games because it is really time consuming and it gets boring after a while. I have a brother who is a game freak and nothing that the research allegedly proves are any characteristics of my brother, I actually think that he's not interested in anything but playing games and he gets really angry when he lose. There is no game that can change the world in my opinion. I feel as though if somebody wants to change the world, they have to actually get up and get out in order to see some result. So, to sum everything up, I think that playing games are a waste if time and have no positive affect on the world at all.


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