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Do I think playing games can

Do I think playing games can change the world? Yes. Yes I do think playing games can help change the world but its really about what game you play and how will this game effect the world as well as the player. Many games thats being created are more so on the violent side such as Grand theft auto, and saw and the land of the dead. These examples can change the world in a very negative way. All three of these games change the world in a VERY negative way. These games show you how to kill, take, and rob which all are things you can do in reality! Showing others how to come up with money in a way that has nothing to do with taxes. You then have the games that can change the world in a VERY positive way like family fued, sean it, or jepordy. These are games that are both family/friend oriented and brain exercising. Not to many people own any positive games because the 21st century is based on negativity. If you notice its more of the younger children and older teens that have these game systems, thats mainly who has these violent games. Many older people,such as parents or grand parents have the positive game. I feel this way because it's very ovious that the crime and hate thats taking place in the world right now is becaue of poor games. Kids do EXACTLY what they see and what do you think is going to happen if a parent allows a child to play a bad game? Well you dont have to answer that question becaue its already in our face. These poor games are already taking effect. Now,my professor linked me to a video on youtube of a woman named McGonigal, and she made a comment. The comment was something like she thinks people should start to play games MORE for about 10,000 hours a WEEK. 10,000 hours a WEEK is something that I seriously dissagree with. I dissagree with this statement because thats just going to make the world worse adding 10,000 hours of Grand Theft Auto every week. Thats more time on a game than in a homework book. Thats simply not right and I would like to know why. I would like to know what would happen if these games suddenly got taken off the market? What would these teens do? How would they cope if they do nothing but play a game? Going from one thing to anoher is very hard if your set on something thats a daily prosper of your life. So once again, what would happen if these games suddenly got taken off the market, and how would these kids cope?


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