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Human-made things were created by Evolution, not Design.

Of course, it is impossible to trace how living things were created and to prove if it was by Darwinian evolution or not.

But it is very easy to trace how human-made things are created! And it really strikes me that nowhere in the Internet I see such a tracing! And if one just carefully inspects how one or other complex human-made thing appeared in our world, he (or she) will understand, that no complex artificial thing was created by Intelligent Design.

How was watch created? By a long series of changes and improvements. Could an intelligent person like Aristotle create a mechanical watch? No! Could Leonardo da Vinchi create Boing 747 or Windowx Vista? No! And not because he was not intelligent enough.

When we create something, we need it to be good. Even God did it like that: he checked if what he has created is good or not. But who defines if a newly created thing is good or not? A world, an environment where this thing is going to exist (or just die after its birth).

Design is a way of creating things 'in mind' (or on paper) without actually creating them. It is the way that only humans can use to create things. When we design something, we try to predict if this 'something' will be bad or good, i.e. if it will get a high or a low score by the environment.

But as more complex thing you create, as more unpredictable the environment score will be.

So what we actually can design is a (small) change to already existing things, i.e. things that we know highly-scored by the environment.

You may never create something that never existed and not similar to something and no one has idea of it.

A watch or an airplane or a spaceship could never be created by a single human or by a group of humans 'from scratch', i.e. without having something that was before. A watch was invented by Peter Henlein from Nuremberg about the year 1500. Before that tower clocks driven by weights existed and also small mechanisms driven by mainsprings existed. Peter Henlein connected the two notions: weight-driven clock and mainspring-driven mechanism and created a watch. But could he do it without well knowing what a tower-clock is and what a mechanism is? Of course not!

Could 1,000,000 programmers close themselves for 10 years and create an operating system like Windows Vista? Of course not! It had to pass all the small steps of constant changes and exposure to the market, which would score the changes. And lots of other programs would have to concur for the market.

So, maybe the living organisms on earth were not created by the Genetic Evolution, but all artificial complex things on earth did appear by Evolution.

And any complex thing may appear only as a result of Evolution, which is a trial-and-error, step-by-step changes and after each change a scoring by the environment should be done.

If a thing can be designed, it means that this thing is simple.


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