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"yes" group list

hey guys... sorry i forgot to post this list until just now. here is the list of why the "yes" group thought that humans are special. or at least why we thought humans are more special than other organisms:

-sense of morality

-awareness of our own emotions and thought process

-complexity of emotions

-sense of religion or spirituality

-many different complex and written languages

-complex tools

-art, need to pursue beauty, sense of aesthetic

-recording/awareness of history

-greed, as in we take more than we need


-domestication of animals

These are from me, Samar, Andy, Lakesha, Elizabeth Harnett, Jen, and Paige


Personally, I find the art and religion ones the most convincing and important. They are univeral throughout human cultures, and both suggest an interest in the intangible, unseen part of life; there is no evidence that other organisms are aware of this. Also, I should note that we do not mean to say that other organisms can never and will never possess these qualities, only that right now humans are the only organisms to have developed them.


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