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Going back and reflecting

In thinking of Dennett, I am reminded of one of my favorite aspects of science- the idea that to revise a story something only needs to happen once. We seem to be, for some reason, very eager to call the unaccomplished the "impossible." In these terms, the impossible just keeps being done (clearly there is a need for revision here). The funny thing- well, I really ought to say dangerous thing- is what I've noticed as a flaw in some religious thinking as regards God. This God of the gaps philosophy basically says that the impossible (aka- things science hasn't yet come up with a good story for) can only have been done by God. I think this sort of reasoning does a great disservice to those who employ it- they build their argument on a weak and faulty premise and then are devastated as they watch science systematically destroy their "proof" of God. Personally, I believe that God fully intends people to use their intellect to study the world around them. I do not feel that the idea of Truth necessarily halts questioning- I think those who believe things are true should constantly be looking for substantiating evidence, give serious consideration to contradictory data, and be willing to revise their ideas with a good amount of humility.


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