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midterms and discombobulation

 I am going to be honest- due to lack of general organization and midterms I have not gotten the full way through the text- SO for that reason I do not wish to try and express an uneducated opinion on it.

Nevertheless, there were a couple of things that struck me in our last class....

first of all: we were discussion the concept of language and how the word 'story' has 'airy-fairy' connotations and maybe for that reason feels wrong when used in a scientific context. Well- I think that we need to take that idea a step further. I believe that our philosophical discussions will always be hindered by our use of language- we are linguistically challenged! By talking about 'truth' we imply the existance of falsehood. by cotemplating 'right' we automatically create 'wrong'. There is no way we can discuss these things without contradicting ourselves since our ultimate conclusion is that there is no 'right' or 'wrong'. 

On the same level- and this sounded far more profound in my head- perhaps there is no story until one is told. We recognize the 'storyishness' of our lives in the telling- not in the direct experience. Maybe our very existance isn't a story but it becomes one once we speak about it to others. 


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