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The Nonintelligent Artificer

First of all, can I just say I was HIGHLY amused by the summations provided at the end of every chapter, along with a summation of the upcoming chapter? Hilarious. Made me feel so intelligent.

Something I would like to examine: Locke claims, before Darwin, that Mind cannot come into being from nothing, Matter, or Motion, and that because we had an Intelligent Artificer (God) looking over us, Mind must have existed from the very beginning. However, Darwin's claim of an Nonintelligent Artificer turns Locke's claims into problems. I find that, if we simply combine the two and not discount Locke altogether, there comes a scary idea:

If there is only a Nonintelligent Artificer, and no Intelligent Artificer, then it is arguable that Thought never began to be. In other words, can there be an intelligent being without a Nonintelligent Artificer? If thought never did evolve from Matter and Motion, then what, exactly, goes on in the human brain? Is it actually Thought? Or are we simply animals?

The other possibility, of course, is that all animals have the same capability for Thought as humans, assuming that the same capacity for Thought exists in each living creature. In which case, how presumptuous of us!


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