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I, just like those who have

I, just like those who have posted before me, very much loved this reading. I especially was interested in "My Words to Victor Frankenstein" mostly because of the way it is written--and just as Flora said previously, I immediately thought of Linda Kauffman's essay, "The Long Goodbye."

I guess what I liked most about this reading was that it was real and alive to me. And it was beautiful. I can't say that I really can understand all that she is discussing on a lot of levels, but I seem to always enjoy personal testimonies that present such authenticity.

I particuarly enjoyed her thoughts on, as JRizzo says, " taking the label of "monster," reclaiming it, and articulating the power the name allows her to wield. " Recently, I met a girl who embraces the words "dyke" "fag" "cunt" as a lesbian, and I was shocked. I had always thought of those words as really quite derogatory in nature and would nearly cringe at even the thought of saying them outloud. However, I realize now, from reading this piece that it is because Susan and my friend are reclaiming these wrods that it is okay.



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