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Evolution is Everywhere...

Biological evolution is something that I've always been taught and that I've never questioned. I was never a big believer in the story of Creation, but I thought it was nice to hear as a child. I guess until now I've never thought about evolution in other contexts. I mean technology and other things are constantly changing, constantly progressing, but I guess I've always thought of that has the human mind evolving, not exactly the technology itself. Now that I think about it, everything is constantly changing, evolving. Things change as a reaction to an internal or an external stimulus, such as an environmental constraint when thinking about biological evolution. Take for example, a piece of colored paper, when left in the sun, it eventually becomes lighter and lighter until all of the color fades away. Is that piece of paper not evolving with the environmental pressures the sun puts upon it? Or take a poem or a piece of literature? With each reading the mind pulls more information out of the piece, whether it is concretely there or inferred. Also take an author. An author begins to write and write and write. His first draft is rarely what is published. The piece requires countless hours of editing and revision. The piece is constantly evolving into a publishable master piece.

I guess now, I see that evolution can be applied across the charts, with anything that changes over time as a result of some pressure.


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