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Breaking Pieces by Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus

Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus is a writer and educator from the Philadelphia area. Marsha's original posts and other work may be found on her website, Her Own Terms.



Breaking Glass

"The process of individuation which one can experience in mid or post mid-life involves the total breakdown of the persona. It cracks and crumbles, no longer able to contain all that is going on in the psyche. And presumably, or so I have read, after the breakdown and fragmentation, one becomes whole."

Click here to read "Breaking Glass."





"How do you write about the drama that is occurring in the inner world - the rich and complex landscape of dreams, active imagination and synchroncities? How do you tell the unfolding story of the evolving psyche in crisis, the breaking down and reassembling of the persona into a new and more unified Self?"

Click here to read "Emergence."



Making Amends: Ringing the Bells That Still Can Ring

"So he asked me if he could make amends and I said yes, not knowing about dry drunks and 13th stepping and the uncanny ability alcoholics have of lying to themselves. I’m present now, he wrote. I’m whole. I’m here. Tell me our story."

Click here to read "Making Amends: Ringing the Bells That Still Can Ring."




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