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We've come back from always...

I will readily admit that it took our class discussion today to convince me to post this week. Yes, I realize it's required and highly valued, but as I said in class, I get very, very nervous about writing responses, especially on a forum such as this, where, even if my response doesn't receive comments, I know it's being read. Well, screw it. Thanks to Cixous, I accept that the female world may be losing unrivaled and unanticipated brilliance through my choice not to write.

I found myself inspired today, both in reading and understanding Cixous and by the route of the class discussion today. Abby's orgasm imagery is on point with how I feel and react to Cixous' piece (which is not to say that I literally found it "orgasmic"). Cixous' reclamation of female sexuality and bodily function in a literary manner spoke to me on the deep level on which it seemed to speak to Rhapsodica. I naturally respond better to poetic, flowing, anecdotal writing, rich with imagery and saturated with metaphor and zeal, perhaps because that's the form of writing that I find myself falling into most frequently and most comfortably. I've written the majority of my paper for tomorrow, but I find myself wondering if it will ultimately follow this form.

For me, feminism is almost as bodily an experience as Cixous' orgasm statement. My blood boils, my heart races, my eyes widen and my cheeks flush at the chance to defend womankind. Perhaps it is this reaction that makes Cixous' essay the most interesting reading for me thus far in our studies; her descriptions are almost edible in their sumptuousness. I feel Cixous teasing a reaction out of me, almost as if she is leading me by a string into her glimmering web of feminist theory and principles, urging me straight from the marrow to respond to her call to arms.




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