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evolution as storytelling

The idea of evolution in the way of storytelling is interesting... it's interesting to think about how many of us have different beliefs about how we came to be, but yet here we all are, at more or less, the same place. We have scientific data- fossils, and a story, that can keep changing to work, to account for evolution, as opposed to the story of creationism, where a higher being is assumed.  It's interesting to think about why some of us think one way, others another, and some in a way completely different.. it was a very rare chance we came to be as we are- a very improbable assembly, and searching for where we came from- our origins- seems to be the natural thing to do.  It's interesting to think about what we've (possibly) evolved from.. from the tiniest of particles falling together by chance.  It's a tiny chance that we were going to come to be how we are now, and so, in that, I could see where there could be such an awe-inspiring reaction to this improbability, but at the same time, I think a lot in our world- a lot in our universe- happens by chance, because of the constant state of flux and change.. so the most improbable assemblies do occur, because, so many things are happening all the time that don't produce much (at least that we can see), and so the chance of some- of very few- highly improbable assemblies happening, wasn't all that improbable..(with the assumption that, if reactions are constantly taking place, sometimes they will produce something more complicated).. the whole idea of evolution- how we came to be, where we're going, and where we're from- will probably always be changing, but.. the more we're learning, the less wrong we're getting it, the closer we get to understanding ourselves.. and as it seems..we've got a long way to go.


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