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A new way of thinking

The discussion we had the second day of class, overflowing into the third, made me really reevaluate how I thought of science and how important it has become in explaining society and the environments surrounding. The discussion we had in class specifically about what can be considered truth in science impacted my interpretation of the beginning chapters in Mayr’s book on evolution. It seemed to me that Mayr touched on a few of the so-called “observations” on how man and his surrounding nature have come to be, but above all he names Darwin’s theory of evolution to be the one truth. Though I have always thought this to be the true story of evolution, and though there are no major flaws with this observation as of yet, it made me ask myself whether or not I had observed any processes of evolution (a question also raised during lecture). Though I am not ready to make any conclusions as of yet, I have opened my mind to a whole other realm of scientific thinking I had not known before.


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