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Sharhea, Lakesha , Andy (Kee Hyun), Shanika

We did our exploration on Planet Farther. We found there were 18 different forms of plant life. We determined the differences between the plants by their size, color, texture, shape and form.

In one area of the planet, we found a lot of shrub like pants. One plant was flower-like, it contained a lot of leaves, and there were many of them. We also found many other plants within the shrubs and around these shrub-like figures. There were long grass-like plants, which were silky at touch; a light green shrub with bigger leaf; weed-like plants; spade shaped and clover shaped shrub.

As we moved across the planet, we walked through a short grass-like field. We came upon another round of flower-like clusters with jagged edges. Next to them, were perfectly oval shaped plants. Above them was tall tree-like form, with a thick trunk and spade shaped leaves. Around this trunk more shrubs seem to appear but were of different color. They were lighter, more of a yellowish color rather than the natural green surrounding the majority of this planet.

We continued our exploration toward the pine-like bushes. They were hard and prickly to the touch. We pass on to new jagged edge plants but these one had pods appearing in the middle. There was also another tree-like figure. This one was had an orange and brown trunk-like form. We also found some hairy, pollen-like plants among the long grass-like plants. They resembled what we call on Earth, a caterpillar. Within the shrubs on this side, there were leaves full of holes which somewhat might suggest insects may be on this planet.

At the end of our voyage, as we look around we tried to decide if the brown, rough leaf-like plants found around this planet was actually alive. We had less time to figure out what is alive or dead, but we used our definition and/or prior knowledge that we had on Earth to define plants.


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