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"A little understanding of what Life is"


After understanding that life is a process of exlporations, observationsand so on, i guess it does makes sense that their are different states if mind of being a live. There is not just one characteristic of living things but many. But how do we know that some characteristics apllies for all living things. Well we don't. But from other's observations i feel like we came up with a good list in class that makes things alive.

Living things do have boundaries, they are energy deoendant, they are indeed semi-homestatic, they are also semi-atonmous, and they do reproduce with variation.

If somehting can deal with change and overcome obstacles I am convinced that it is alive.

The many observations poeple make about what is a live and what is not, determeines their meaning of life. I still cannot tell you from my observations," what life is?!" But I do undertand their are steps that I have to take befor answering the questions. But how do I begin?


Shanika Bridges-King


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