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The world is just one big onion

There are just so many layers and things to acknolwedge when investigating life. While thinking about the different disturbances we human beings overcome, I came across simply putting your face in water. During this time your body automatically reacts and forces you to hold your breath. Now this subtle resistance may be misinterpreted for the never-ending struggle to suvive in this world. If so, are there organisms who just live, lacking purpose in life? Are there purpose in life living? This all sounds too familiar to us.

You'd think it'd be easy to classify organisms that have never been documented before. For the lab, the organisms were all from a little patch off the paved road, I can't even begin to think about the entire Galapogos island. It's mindboggoling the amount of detail and consideration you have to put when categorizing the organisms. There's Certainly a lot of responsibility in the hands of a scientist.


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