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Thank you and more navigation questions

Dear Ann,

Thank you for your help in posting images and links.

I had created a sculpture in response to last week's class and wanted to take the risk of sharing, but did not know how.  Thanks.

 Further query-

Did you record today's class.  How can we get there.  I have your links for the papers and last week's recording. Is that the way, you will give us specific links.  Are you going to continue to record class.

How do you save the downloaded mp3 file. Can you.  It would be convenient to have it on my local hard drive and bring it up.  I could then listen to class in several segments, scrubbing through what I had already listened. Maybe like being able to upload photos, I just don't know how.

Can we access each other's blogs or do we have to post a link to the blog from the forum.  How do we do that.  I know one of the undergrads did last week.

Thanks for your support and help




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