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Reflection on Kai Davis’ Experience

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Since I had my Esem, I have been more and more unsure about how to define the word education. But at least I am pretty sure about one thing; that is education is actually v. at the time one starts to go to school and receive education, the education she or he gets is far more than education. We don’t have many “racial issues” in China, but Kai Davis’ experience reminded me the influence of education on students who so not belong to the “mainstream”. For some of them, being a member of minority may motivate them to study harder and become more ambitious; but for some of them, anger and stress accumulate, which may lead to big tragedy.

 For Rodriguez, being minority is a motivator. As a “scholarship boy”, it is difficult for him to find a place both at home and school. But instead of getting frustrated and hopeless, he spent more and more time studying to in order to attain his goal. Though often feel lonely, being isolated by “mainstream” is generally not a very big problem for them. However, for others, being minority is painful and unbearable. A piece of breaking news happened in china in 2004: four dead bodies of were found in their dorms and all of them were killed in a very cruel way. Surprisingly, the killer turned out to be their roommate, a boy from a poor village of Yunnan province. When the murder was caught by the police, he said calmly that he never felt regretted about killing his classmates, for they treated him in a extremely harsh way, just because he came from a poor farmers family.

 I therefore started to think about the sentences in Hook’s book. In every society, there are always groups of people who are considered as “inferior minority.” When they started to receive education at school, it is inevitable to have interactions with people who are considered as “noble majority”. But unfortunately such interactions are not always happy ones. Anger, anxiety began to accumulate in their hearts. So maybe the society should give the minority more space to let them express their anger just as Kai did in the video.