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Maybe its best to enter college with an empty slate

We are first taught that a hypothesis is "an educated guess" in elementary school. Then in middle school "an educated guess" escapes our lips like word vomit and we're corrected. Finally get to college and the concept of hypothesis is thrown right out of the window. The few things that remain burned in our minds after years of schooling are constantly being redefined. Another example, the 5 paragraph essay format is abolished once you step onto college grounds. All of the years of formal education prior to college seems like a waste of time.

The majority of kids are not even concious of the unproductiveness found in their classroom. They have just been conditioned to just get the "right" answer so that they can erase it from there memory and move on to the next subject.

The only reasoning I can come up with for such an unproductive way of teaching is......I'm lying, I can't.


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