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The Dinner Party - Sojourner Truth

Thank you for letting me join you ( albeit late). I am an alum, like Barbara,who worked during the 60's and 70's for ERA passage. I was an activist. ( I call it my strident feminist period.) It was all action- hauling my preschooler to put up political yard signs- taking bus trips to rally outside state capitols of neighboring states, etc. We ,like Judy Chicago, excluded most women of minorities and color ( Sojourner Truth being the only African American represented). We did not know we were doing it. The picture gave me a visceral response- it hit me in the gut. We are all still crying and angry...and...we live in one of the most progressive places in the world for women! Rage Rage

I look forward to reading and sharing with you all. Thank you for being open to us alums


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