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The Dinner Party

As someone who has only just joined the course and has not yet attended a class, please forgive me any cluelessness.
My first, split-second reaction to the Judy Chicago piece was that it is a progression. The weeping woman on the left is bare and exposed, completely shown to the viewer. The face on the far right is masked, it seems, and appears to be furious. The middle face, to me, appears to be mediating. It doesn't seem to be connected, as the left and right faces are (by the breast-like shapes at the bottom of the plate). However, the middle face still retains some humanity and resemblance to the face on the left, in the crown shape on its forehead, whose color matches the skin tone of the left face. Alternatively, the face on the right has taken on a sickly yellow tone. However, I see the arm and fist that extend below the right face as belonging to the left face, as perhaps the true (angry? proactive?) result of her sorrow, which perhaps can only be displayed by an angry face. Shot in the dark: perhaps this is a metaphor for the rise of the feminist movement.


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