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Post workshop thoughts

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The workshop was a success. I was impressed by the turnout. From the first analysis of the images, it struck me how my group members and i, despite being of different ages and coming from different racial, economic and educational backgrounds all shared close and sometimes identical views on issues of class. We all gravitated towards using appearance, comportment, and environment as physical markers to classify our subjects.

I felt ratified to see that many people were bothered about the inequality in the pay scale for student's working with dining services in comparison to those working with other departments on campus. I appreciated the different perspertives on the issue of ownership, especially the conflict between claiming a space as mine and having to share it with a roomate or classmates etc.

I second the motion to expand the conversation to include the entire school community, possibly even making it a part of the wellness seminar. I felt proud to be a member of In Class/Out Classed.


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Similar feeling Previously, I

Similar feeling

Previously, I was thinking that maybe faculties don't share the same feelings as students simply because they may not have the same experience with us. The discussion turns out to be great and I think most of guests think this workshop is interesting and meaningful to some extent. It's very nice to notice that we did put the question of class on the table and try to address it. Those questions about mapping out the campus are great to start with. And we can actually see there are several directions or layers of our conversation, which is rather useful! I feel that conversation or being aware of the problems about class is critical to make our experience here easier. As I noticed during the conversation and the invitation process, I feel people from the lower class are usually more sensitive and carefully when facing a potential class disparity. That;s the reason why it's so hard to invite our housekeeper as part of conversation!

Consequently, I feel to make the discussion as a part of the wellness seminar could be a good idea, giving students a hint to obtain a positive attitude about class. At this point, I do feel self-contradicted. First, I am profoundly aware of the fact that class can't be dismissed in our society, which is too ideal to be true. Second, what we are trying to do is forming a comfortable zone for every student on campus. In this way, I think a BRYN MAWR BUBBLE is created. Now, I think what we need to do is keep an open mind on the disparity about class. At least, keep this issue in a level which it might not bother us.