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Counting down to the high school

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I have so many expectations. I wanna see what an American public high school looks like. I would love to discuss their curriculum, pedagogy, teacher student relationship, challenges and views on the SAT testing, which i enjoyed proctoring and tutoring kids for.

I will also ask them about the situation on drugs, crime, dropping out etc in their school and since they are predominantly black, the relationship between black and white kids in the school and neighborhood. If I feel like it, I might seek their views on the use of the word we discussed in class last Tuesday.

I will describe a typical Nigerian public high school to them, contrasting the differences and noting the similarities if any. I would appreciate their thoughts on the issue of equal educational opportunities and then  share my access story with them.


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"The University of Wherever"

I found this NYTimes article on virtual education interesting.

Keller, Bill. "The University of Wherever". New York Times. October 2, 2011. <> October 2, 2011