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Response to PHS student

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I feel as though you

I feel as though you shouldn't have to pay for a role in society , nor should you have to be certified in order to be successful. Why should you have to be certified in order to be successful? Just because you have a piece of paper that says your certified for something doesn't make you smarter then another person in society that knows the same subject that you majored in. It just means that you had the chance to further your education because you had the funds or nothing to hold you back from receiving your education, unlike most people in our generations these days because of the debts we are in as a nation and the choices we are forced to make by our government . So that stops most middle class families from furthering their educations, and then it continues as a repeating process. But if we all had the chance to show to the world that we are all actually smart without being certified by a piece of paper(college diploma),then society would hopefully consider giving every one the equal opportunity to achieve any career we choose to. But it just takes time, one extra voice just make our fight against society stronger. (Posting)

I completely agree with the post above. I mean it is only a piece of paper telling you that you are "more qualified" than someone else. Money does seem to play a major role in receiving a piece of paper that qualifies someone towards their particular success. Maybe a degree does show that one had the funds to further their education. But what do you think about the people on scholarship? They do not always have the money, but still further their education.  If we do not need certification, what other ways can we further our education/successes and how will people know that we are capable of being qualified?