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Reflection on education and access

S. Yaeger's picture

When I initially began thinking about my Friday night paper, and what, exactly, education allows one to access, I was thinking that I might make a distinction between formal (classroom based) education, and informal (life based) education, much like the women in the Lutrell piece did.  However, after thinking about it carefully, I decided that I didn't want to make that distinction at all.  Instead, I started to think about Dewey's theory of education as requiring both experience and reflection, and how that can come from a variety of sources.  This lead me to question the standard line of formal education: That it is the one definite path to future success.  

Instead, I wondered if all forms of education actually allow us to access the same exact thing: An awareness that we know virtually nothing, and a desire to continuously test new ideas, which would lead to further assurance that we know nothing, and so on.  This is basically where I centered my argument.  I believe that all education can really offer us is a desire for more education, and that this desire is inherently valuable, far beyond the value of a good job or future connections.