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My intellectual space

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The space which is most meaningful to me at Bryn Mawr is the area surrounding my desk. It is considered my intellectual space, which is contradicted to my domestic space in my room. Furthermore, it is also my private space where my social interactions with people are very limited. To me, intellectual space should be very quiet, serious and organized. I want to focus entirely when I study. However, it also reflects my habit to pursue knowledge alone while being detached from the real life. This kind of intellectual space was also designed by Carey Thomas who believes in a beneficial relationship between privacy and educational success. Her intellectual space should be contrary to "home" "informal" and "lack of privacy". Furthermore, the groves of scholarship is cut off from social factors such as gender and economic background. In other words, it is separated from real life. However, after seeing my space through Freire's lens, I started to question my and Thomas's point of view. Privacy, according to Friere, may be a destructive force for co-constructive dialouge which is valuable in education. Furthermore, the separation of the intellectual space from the domestion space indicates a detachment of academic world from real life. It may prevent students from developing their own consciousness and push them into the process of dehumanization. After writing this essay, I started to question my method of studying as well as my method of pursuing knowledge. However, the reason that most students at Bryn Mawr still want to choose a single room or implement privacy approach to educational system is that the educational system values individual success rather than teamwork.