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Classed Academic Writing

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When I think of academic writing, I think of a composition that utilizes sophisticated language, complex sentence structures, and, quite frequently, an abundance of sources to support its main argument. With this definition in mind, I most certainly believe that the majority of academic writing is classed for two specific reasons. The first reason is author orientated – for in order to have a firm grasp of how to successfully compose an academic piece, one must presumably have the background of a good education that has laid the foundation on which such academic writing is constructed. Education, as we have defined it within our class, is also a rather classed institution that is often seen as discriminating against the lower class, and as academic writing is a result of education (and is also intended for the use of education), it may also be seen as discriminating against lower classes in a similar manner. The second reason that academic writing might be seen as classed is audience oriented. For in writing anything, one writes with a specific audience in mind and it seems that in academic writing, with all of its complex words and flowing sentence structure, the intended audience is always meant to have achieved a “good” education, just as the author of an academic piece presumably has. 


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Oops, I have exactly the same

Oops, I have exactly the same feeling! Your two specific reason make sense to illustrate how exclusive is it to build up the invisible wall between different people. And I perceive it in a more sophisticated way.  Academic writing is in the standard written form of the language, namely, "Standard English". In this way, I can argue that the format itself is classist; however, when giving an insight, I feel academic writing can reflect many other aspects.It uses language precisely and accurately, which means that it's objective, explicit, complex, formal to some extent. In this way, not only does it defines who should be the audience and author, but also the way people think. Apparently, the whole educational system would be affected by academic writing while one country depends on the whole educational system to some extent since people in all the fields must be educated. So the question really is: does academic writing define how people should think, or even render other ways to think illegitimate?