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Outside Space at BMC

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I choose this space because it was outside with no visible man-made structures around. I noticed that we focused a lot in class on the buildings at Bryn Mawr and various rooms inside, but we didn’t discuss this entire other part that makes up campus. I also have found it very interesting how outside spaces are not really used or set up for schoolwork or classes. It seems like outdoor spaces are set aside for more socializing and relaxing activities, while classes and learning take place inside. To me, this separation is reflective of society not valuing education that takes place outside of schools (i.e. street smarts). I’ve also found the learning that takes place inside a classroom is very different from the learning that takes place outside the classroom (but while still in class, like on a field trip). It’s more experiential and to me, it can be more impactful and I can learn a lot more outside of classroom spaces. I think every space has the potential to be place for learning and education. Outside spaces, to me, seem more accessible for learning than inside spaces, especially at Bryn Mawr with all of the grand, imposing buildings. 


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It's very interesting and

It's very interesting and innovative to think about the space outside. And I think your thoughts really contribute to the comprehensiveness of our discussion about the relationship between education and space. It's true that we don't emphasize a lot. For me, after being here for several months, I took those green space for granted. The outside part, together with different facades of buildings, created the very first impression for every visitor here. Meanwhile, I realize that only some private institutions have this kind of "landscape": beautiful trees, large lawn in front of each dorm ,etc.  Now I think it's kind of  "luxury" to have such a large green area and we have a lot of people maintaining those areas each week.  Even though the outside part seems to be more natural and non man-made, it also relate to class, reflecting something meaningful to visitors.