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Occupy Philadelphia - People's Assembly

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As some of you may know, the Occupy Phildephia site was evicted this past Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. As a sign that there's still people who believe in the movement and are working toward a different society and way of life in the US, the working groups organized a march on Saturday. Some other Bryn Mawr students and I went and marched in solidarity. It was incredible. We marched, chanted, and danced our way from City Hall to Independence Park. The march itself was filled with such a strong, positive energy and we got many gestures of support from people on the sidewalks (as well as some people who were against what we stood for). After we arrived at Independence Park, we held a People's Assembly where anyone can speak up and say whatever's on their mind in regards to issues pertaining to the Occupy movement, social inequalities and injustices, voting, the role of the police in the movement, etc. One thing that was announced that I found very intriguing and pertinent to this course was one young man who said he and his friend were starting a Free University of Philadelphia. He stated that they would give anyone who wanted one, an education. I twinkle-fingered this announement (meaning I put my hands up to signal that I agreed with it/supported it) because I agree with the sentiment that everyone deserves access to free education. However, he didn't go into the details of what this "education" would consist of and it made me wonder what kind of pedagogy they would use, what information and themes would be shared and taught, and if at the end of one's time at this university (if there is an end), would there be any kind of certification of this education? (Because it seems that during our diablog conversation we came to the conclusion that for some things in our society, we need to certified.) Unfortunately I can't remember the names of the two young men involved, but I'm hoping to go back after winter break and hopefully there'll be more information about this. And I'll be sure to post about it if I learn anything more about it.