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Ideas for Friday's Forum

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I would hope that the Friday forum would result in a better understanding of how to appreciate class differences on campus and how to be respectful of them. Despite anyone’s background we can still learn from one another and build really strong relationships and I think by understanding where someone comes from helps strengthen that relationship. I would also hope that the participants In addition, just acknowledging the fact that we are all facing life and life can really suck sometimes.


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I really agree with you about

I really agree with you about this and I, too, hope that this Friday's forum will result in a greater appreciation and understanding of class differences throughout the campus. I would add that in order to build the strong relationships and understandings of one another that you talk about, we need to be open to being open about this topic. Through our in-class discussions about class, I, and I'm sure many others, felt a bit uncomfortable speaking about this difficult and sensitive topic, but ultimately I feel that these discussions really helped me understand other's perspectives about this matter. I would hope that in this forum we will be able to discuss the more difficult and sensitive areas of this topic because, though potentially uncomfortable, I think that in doing so we will create a more open atmosphere in which understanding and acceptance may be fostered.

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Fine, I think I have a mixed

Fine, I think I have a mixed feeling about your idea. First, I am glad to have a deep and fruitful conversation with all the people we invite to our workshop. It could be potentially useful for our thinking and discussion, in other words, fully appreciation of the class difference in Bryn Mawr; however, my attitude to "sensitive or emotional" topics are really contradicted: yes, it would be fruitful; and no, people might feel uncomfortable, especially for people who have already devoted enough courage to come here. If we can not guarantee that everyone is comfortable and is willing to share their stories, there is no way that we can keep the openness of the discussion of "class dismissed".