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An introduction

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  My name is Jia and I am from China. There are a lot of interesting facts about me. For example, I was a shooting athlete previously and I am still considering continuing. I love animals and I have one puppy and one rabbit with only one ear... I stayed in the same school, which is actually a kindergarten, my primary school and middle school for 10 years. My high school is an odd place where all geek boys and girls surrounds me. I still remembered the silence in our first Art Class because no one could answer a question about Pablo Picasso or Henry Matisse. But my high school experience is indeed unforgettable.

  For the question of what I am looking for, I want to answer it in two aspects. I remembered my mom asked me a question: why do you want to study in US? My answer is diversity. For this specific reason, I chose Bryn Mawr College. I could argue that globalization is a trend and what one should do is to embrace it and make the most of it. Meanwhile, many problems do arise in this process so it is essential for one to understand it and to engage into this process. Personally, I am interested in people who are from different countries, with different stories and backgrounds.

  Specifically, I have my goal for the seminar. First of all, the Emily Balch Seminar is, indeed, a non-traditional class. For me, I expected my Esem would help me in the following aspects: it would help me to be a good writer and reader by the process of intensive reading and writing; it would help to be a good listener and to understand the value of discussion. I will learn how to exchange ideas with each other in order to give an insight of problems. Finally, it would help me to be a thinker who is aware of my surrounding world and the society.