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Guilt and Privilege

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guilt and privilege


So much here!  First, a comment on format:  I like the way you begin with parchment-like paper for the letter, then move fluidly through meta-comments on your processing, photos, 'facts' about the school... what you call a 'long and entangled story,' which feels to me like it's moving even though it's technically still.  You make the provocative case that education and privilege may make us more likely to be 'better thinkers'--yes, that makes sense to me against the backdrop of the industrialized model you call up; but what about in the context of various kinds of intelligence--what about Wendy Luttrell's women as thinkers?  You say: 'certain people occupy too many valuable resources. I can’t stop questioning myself.'  I love your answers to your questions, and your final call to Mawrters.  Keep in mind too Freire's conviction that the 'oppressed' can/will play a key role in de-classifying...