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Reflections on The Final Project

jrschwartz15's picture

For the final project, Kamila and I put together a virtual scrapbook of the course. The idea came from a project I had to do as a senior at my high school, a learning walk. In my opinion, it was a great way to summarize In Classed, Out Classed and to revisit what we've learned and the many moments in that journey. While it was not as interactive as many of the other projects, It seemed to be well recieved by the class and I am proud of the product we put forth. With more time we would have gone much more in depth, but in general I feel our video gave a a good representation of the course and all we've accomplished.

The event in general was a great way to wind up our ESem experience and I enjoyed everyone's creative approaches to such an open-ended assignment! I really think each project encapsulated that course and wish everyone the best of luck with finals!