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 My names Amy  Giarratana, and I’m from Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, and I attended Ramapo High School. I’m obviously a freshmen and I live in Pem East in a quad. Literally all I’m looking for right now are my classes and hoping not to get lost. But in a less literal sense, I’m just looking for a education suitable for me and trying to experience college life as much as I can. Honestly I didn’t understand where Foucault was coming from in The Order of Things. I assumed when he was quoting the Chinese encyclopedia he meant that “animals” were actually people. Such as the stray dogs, I thought he meant poor people, or drawn with a very fine camelhair brush, meaning wealthy people. I don’t think this is where he was coming from at all, so his writing wasn’t my favorite to try and interpret. I’m not a good writer so I hope I gain writing experience from this class.