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Department of Sociology

Announces the Upcoming Public Lecture by


Bergen Evans Professor in the Humanities

Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University


The Hand and the Garden: Reading, Connection, and the Five Dimensions of Media Practice


"Have you ever wondered about the impact of the internet on the reading habits of young people?"

Educators and parents worry that reading is faltering among youth, losing the competition with social media, texting, and online entertainment. Past research suggested a “glamour versus honor” thesis. Now research on a new generation (in media terms) finds that although the spatial and temporal organization of connectivity has changed radically, the cultural separation of reading from being online persists. Understanding media practices requires a five-dimensional conception that incorporates space, time, materiality, social honor, and the imagined future.

 Thursday, October 25 @ 7:30 p.m., Dalton 300

Open to the Public


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Placement Post

Hello All,


Just thought I'd post about my placement without using names or identifying features! My placement is at a school K-6 where I am basically required to help a teacher organize the use of ipads. The school wants to integrate the use of ipads into the children’s learning curriculum but is having a few problems along the way. One of the problems is that teachers dont like the idea of learning how to use an ipad efficiently, i.e. they would much rather stick to their own conventional methods of teaching rather than integrate new and unknown technology into the classroom. So part of my job is to try and create a list of applications that the Ipad can be used for for teachers and this can help ease the process of integrating the ipads into the classroom.

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Oops, I thought I was creating a new thread! Sorry!

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