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Edutopia as a source for inquiry and project based learning

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For a year or 2 now I have subscribed to edutopia, an organization started (or at least funded) by George Lucas.  It's stated purpose is to further the use of inquiry-based and interdisciplinary methods of education.  Each month (or several times a month by the # of emails I get from them) they find or create and disseminate ideas, suggestions or plans for project based lessons for all age groups.  One article I just came across that had meaning for me can be found at:

For those teachers who face problems with having enough textbooks for all the students, this approach might afford some support.  The writer admits that it is not easy, but finds his method of teaching a lot more rewarding than using a textbook.  So do his students.  He will tell you it is not easy and should not be attempted in totality in one year.  It is something that you have to evolve into over a period of time by developing more and more lessons and materials that bypass the text each year.

This is not a lesson plan, but a plan to make lessons.   Here is an article that is a slightly better road map to the same goal:

Here is another site for chemistry lesson plans, but from the same page you can link to pages that will give you plans for many other disciplines in science:

The chemmybear site is one of my favorite.  It's got lots of activities, stories, demos, and graphics for the chem teacher: