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Research Questions

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Research Questions



  • Describe how you felt about the activity
  • Describe this lesson to an incoming student/a student who missed the lesson.  What could they expect from this lesson?
  • Do you wish you had more time to do this lesson?  Why?
  • Would you do the lesson again?  Why?


  • You said that you were engaged/were not engaged in the lesson… can you describe why that activity was engaging/not engaging for you?
  • Describe the lesson to me as if I was an incoming student/a student who never got to do the lesson.
  • Do you think that you learned anything from this lesson? 
    • If yes: what do you think that what you learned?  Have you been able to use this other than in that specific activity?
    • If no: why do you think that you didn’t learn anything?



  • Describe whether or not student A was engaged or not engaged in the activity.  Why or why not? 
  • What do you consider engagement?
  • Picture yourself in the shoes of student A.  Describe this activity to me.
  • Do you believe that student A would’ve enjoyed having more time with this activity?  Why?
  • Would you do this lesson again? Why?

Transfer1: (questions to be used directly following lesson)

  • What were your objectives for this lesson?
  • What big picture did you want to convey?


  • You said that you thought student A was engaged/not engaged in the lesson.  Can you describe why you thought this?
  • Describe what details you believe that student A would recall now, reflectively, about the lesson.
  • Has student A shown any evidence that he/she remembered the lesson? (ie. parent teacher conferences, discussion in class or an examination on the subject).
  • Why do you think he remembered it/didn’t remember it?
  • What do you believe was the most effective part of the lesson for student A? Why?