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The circus music flowed from Thomas, yet I am reluctant to join the mass.

The sun embraced me with warmth, yet I am bleak skin beneath.

The grass under my feet was similar, yet unfamiliar.

The moon last night was bright, yet was not right.

The squirrels were leaping back and forth home.

I am sitting on a bench, gazing the blue blue sky. 

In her graphs, Bechdel didn't hightlight the animals and their motions. But I think animals and their ANIMATION are important part of the ecosystem and should be noted.

Reading Fun Home made me very very homesick.

Somewhat Like Alison, I also have a "sissy" dad. He has a driver's license but he never drives, because he doesn't trust his own driving skills. He locks and checks the door and windows before the family goes to bed, because he is afraid of burglary. He only goes to work 3 days a week and work at home other days, because he fears getting into a traffic accident while commuting. I never liked staying at home, for my father always sits on the dinner table and reads all the news involving accidental death to me.

My dad is "death-phobic". Yet, I still adore him and miss his companion.



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I love this poem, Shengjia. I'm blue today too. But I think it's because I'm tired.

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I am really really homesick

I am really really homesick this week. I think the bizarre stories in Fun Home still somehow reminded me of my own family.

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It can take a long time

It can take a long long time to be at home in a new place. Very slowly it gets more natural and familiar. I lived in a foreign country for 18 years, then in another foreign country for 10 years. I was a multi-homed person. But then when I came "home" to where I grew up, it felt very alien for a long time.

Once I was looking at some Canada geese, those very large birds you see everywhere now. I thought I would like to be like them: they go everywhere, and they are at home wherever they are.