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Image and Metaphor: Alice James Revisited


At the beginning of this semester in House of Wits, I was amazed by how struck I was by Alice James’ diary. I immediately felt an inexplicable affinity with Alice, her commonplace book-cum-diary, and her infectious use of language. It was one of the first times that I explicitly recall feeling such camaraderie with an author, let alone one who penned her only published work (excluding her letters) nearly 120 years ago.

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Class Notes 4/5

Notes House of Wits 4/5/10
Professor Jefferson, Day II

Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark: A brief for close reading

James [empiricist psychologist and philosopher] mis[?] “reads” Peirce [Logician and “scholastic realist”]
Sequence of texts [reculer pour mieux sauter= back up in order to gather haunches so as to leap more effectively forward]:

I.      Peirce “Fixation of Belief” [1877] only p. 4-8
Doubt-belief theory of inquiry: 3-4,
4 methods of “fixing belief”: “method of tenacity” 4-5, 7-8.
“Method of authority”: 5,7
“A priori method” : 5-6, 7
“method of science [Peirce as “scholastic realist”]: 6-7, 8

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Class Notes 3/24

Recording March 24, 2010
House of Wits
William James: Philosophical Conceptions and Practical Results

Field Trip: Morris Woods, Friendship Bench, Harriton Cemetery

Pictures from Harriton Cemetery website- will put some up that are particular to us

Anything to say about the trip?
Julia likes visiting cemeteries.

Back to the work at hand: read conclusions and postscript from The Varieties of Religious Experience, and an online essay The PhD Octopus- look for a Bryn Mawr connection!

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Mind the Gaps

Mind the Gaps

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A Nighttime Scene: Katharine and Alice in Bed

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