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A Patchwork of Eastern State

Claire Romaine's picture

People here visiting with curiosity, with awe for the idea of penitentiary, don’t know how the inmates’ lives were here.  It was not a luxury to live in it, to be confined to your thoughts.  It is still in no better condition than it was when he was alive, but now that the context has changed, it is looked on with more reverence than it deserves.  It is still very much the same; it is harsh and unforgiving. Even the building itself is decaying, like all these past objects have the structure of enclosure and abuse and falling.  These walls that used to be crisp white are falling down, the whole structure of the building is decaying. It has all passed.  But I could feel the misery and insanity of these places and it was suffocating.  ESP is a decaying island that stands as a reminder of the suffering it caused.