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If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."
--George S. Patton Jr.,
World War II general
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Lesson plan(s) idea(s) (THIS WILL CHANGE!)

Pattern Investigations - Discrete Math Concepts


---PRE-METACOGNITION (awareness of process):

Show a few examples that students have seen.

What do you think it is?  Write a narrative about something you have seen like this.

What is still confusing beofre we start new material?



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Personal Introduction

Ed Bujak - Mathematics Coach - HOPE Charter School, Philadelphia

HOPE Charter School is a grade 9-12 high school serving at risk students, limited to 440 students.

My primary hopes and goals for our STUDENTS is to become caring, responsible citizens with an appreciation for lifelong learning.

The most pressing issues/obstacles in our CLASSROOM are lack of equipment, no money, and student apathy.

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