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Rethinking Motherhood: Bryn Mawr, Feminism, and Being a Mother

Rethinking Motherhood: Bryn Mawr, Feminism, andBeing a Mother


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Inclusive Curriculums: A Case Study

Thucydides, one ofthe earliest historians, built his historical studies around the “politicaltower”, which dealt with the study of “great men, the church, government, [and]politics” (Arnold 33, 41).  Writingthousands of years after Thucydides, in her essay “Interactive Phases ofCurricular Perspective”, Peggy McIntosh proposes different ways to studyhistory.  Using the refinement ofwomen’s role within the discipline of history as an example of ways in which tomake curriculum’s more inclusive, McIntosh notes five stages of curriculumdevelopment, which range from women being left out of history, to women (andeveryone) being included in history (McIntosh 3).

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Meanings of the Veil: Representations of Veiling in Persepolis

Meanings of the Veil: Representations of Veiling inPersepolis


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Paper 1: The Historical and the Literary-Representations of Dr. Luce and Dr. Money

The Historical andthe Literary: Representation of Dr. Money and Dr. Luce


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