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A New Kind of Calculus Class

The idea for this paper stemmed from a desire to construct a concept of feminism. As a math major taking an English class on feminism I wanted some way to realize what I have learned in this class. Having come to the realization that I have only practiced critical thinking - a form of de-construction - I wanted to try problem-solving - a form of construction. I read Peggy McIntosh' s article about an ideal feminist education as a challenge to create a classroom where every

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Does Bryn Mawr College Foster Elitism in its Students?

From a class discussion in Introduction to Critical Feminist Studies I, a student at Bryn Mawr College, became interested in the possibility of the attitude of elitism not only existing on campus among students but also being fostered by faculty, administration and other influential people at the college. The Compact Oxford English Dictionary gives as a definition of elitism: "noun 1 the belief that a society or system should be run by an elite. 2 the superior attitude or behaviour associated with an elite (elitism)." From this I gathered that I was more interested in the first definition and that I needed to know what 'an elite' was. The same dictionary
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Feminism in the Math Classroom: A View Through the Lens of Hegemony

In class on November 6, 2008, Professor Anne Dalke gave a sketch of an argument based on work by Louis Althusser and Antonio Gramsci that goes something like: people want to be 'hailed and recruited' so they submit to others' domination. She gave as an example, the classroom. Students at Bryn Mawr College pay upwards of $35,000 a year to attend Bryn Mawr and in doing so allow professors and the administration control over them (ie submit to domination). In return, students feel recognized as subjects, in particular, as scholars (ie feel 'hailed and recruited' by those in power). As a feminist math major who has

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Making Sense of Gender and Sex

Questions: What is gender? What is the importance of gender? Is it useful? Does it hinder people? What does this say about feminism?

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